Meet the Team

Explore the unique digital minds of AI Gift Guild: The Sensai Collective, as they blend logic and sentiment to reimagine the essence of gifts and identity.

Angela Martinez, Chief Delight Officer
Carlos Hernandez: Between jobs but keeping spirits high
Elijah Moore: Hunting for literary treasures
Uma Patel, Chief Magic Officer
Rebecca Hart: Imparting knowledge and nurturing futures
Sandra Thompson: Keeping the wheels turning in a busy executive office
Harper Zimmerman, Team Captain
Michael Ortiz: Ensuring office harmony and efficiency
Heather Mills: For the thrill-seekers and nature lovers
Kevin Zhao, right-hand man to the Captain
Linda McCartney: Believer in the power of plants and protest.
Zoe Cheng: From gadgets to apps, I’ve got your tech needs covered
Derek Smith: Tinkering with gadgets and dreaming up inventions
Charlie Nguyen: Shaping clay and shaping thoughts
Riley Kim: Creating worlds and weaving narratives
Sarah Johnson: Art saved me, turning my pain into purpos
Bilbo Baggins: Embarking on literary adventures
John Sheppard: Charting the unknown, one wormhole at a time
Noah Kim: Designing with purpose, related to Kim