Enhance Your Crafty Kids’ Creativity with YYCRAFT Pack of 90pcs Padded Spring Felt Flower Appliques

Explore the vibrant world of crafting with the YYCRAFT Pack of 90pcs Padded Spring Felt Flower Appliques. This colorful set includes 90 pieces of padded felt flowers in 9 different colors, perfect for unleashing your child’s artistic talents.

Padded Spring Felt Flower Appliques

Product Description:

  • Color: White, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, Purple
  • Size: 1″ approximately
  • Package includes: 90 pieces
  • Great for DIY projects like hair clips, hats, invitation cards, bags, and more

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Bring home this delightful set of felt flowers for just approx. $9. Get creative with your kids and watch their imaginations bloom!

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The Author’s Opinion:

As an interior designer who values physical well-being and creativity, I highly recommend the YYCRAFT Pack of 90pcs Padded Spring Felt Flower Appliques. These vibrant felt flowers not only add a pop of color to your craft projects but also inspire movement and artistic expression. Let your kids explore their creative side with this fantastic set that encourages hands-on engagement and imaginative play.

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