MILIVIXAY 25 Packs: Perfect Wax Melt Containers for DIY Enthusiasts

Wax Melt Containers

Product Description:

These MILIVIXAY wax melt containers are the perfect size for your DIY projects. Each clamshell is 5.51 x 2.99 x 1 inch, made of healthy and environmentally friendly PET plastic, and features 8 cavity cubes. They are sturdy, durable, and ideal for making wax melts or soaps.

Key Features:

  • Perfect size for various wax melts
  • Healthy & environmentally friendly PET plastic
  • 8 cavity cubes clam shells for easy use
  • Great for making wax melts or soap

Approx. Price: $19

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Author’s Opinion:

As a DIY enthusiast and a lover of crafting, I find these wax melt containers adorable and practical. The size is just right for my projects, and the fact that they are made of healthy and environmentally friendly material adds to their appeal. These containers have earned a 5-star rating in my book, and I would definitely purchase them again for my DIY endeavors.

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