Revive Your Carpets with HI-TECH Big Can Vinyl Spray Dye – Perfect for DIY Enthusiasts!

Transform your home with the HI-TECH Big Can Vinyl, Plastic, Fabric, and Carpet Spray Dye! This innovative product offers 33% more dye than the original size, providing better value and coverage for your DIY projects. The permanent formula ensures a long-lasting finish that won’t crack, split, or rub off, maintaining the soft and flexible texture of your carpets and vinyl.

HI-TECH Big Can Vinyl Spray Dye


  • More dye for better coverage
  • Adjustable fan pattern for accurate application
  • Restores faded fiber areas
  • Cover stains and scratches

Whether it’s reviving the color of your carpets or hiding imperfections, the HI-TECH Big Can Vinyl Spray Dye is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast. Say goodbye to dull and faded surfaces and hello to a fresh new look!

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