Shine Like a Star with KARIZMA 24K Gold Glitter – A Festive Must-Have!

KARIZMA 24K Gold Glitter

Rock Your Heart Out:

Glam up, step out, and dive deep into the music with KARIZMA 24K Gold Face Glitter. Overflowing with a spectrum of gold stars, shiny speckles, shimmery dust, fun hexes, and our amazing ‘are you sure it’s not real gold’ sparkle, it’s decadent festival luxury for everyone. Approx. price: $27. Buy Now

As Seen In Music Videos:

You’ve seen our fashion in videos and on stage, and you’ve seen our sparkles too! This holographic glitter is your secret formula to a superstar glow. A little goes a long way, suitable for various makeup applications. Stay cute and share your looks on Insta!

Safe, Vegan Face and Body Makeup:

KARIZMA Chunky Glitter is made from cosmetic plastic glitter flakes, safe for skin and kids. Our cosmetic grade glitter is perfect for creating stunning looks. Be confident and expressive with KARIZMA.

Anastasia’s Opinion:

As a dedicated event planner who values high-quality products, I find the KARIZMA 24K Gold Glitter to be lacking in its performance. I prefer products that offer easy application and removal, while this glitter posed challenges during the removal process. Although it provides a good sparkle, the chunky application and residue left behind were not ideal for my standards.

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