Track Your Vehicle’s Service Life with the Inductive Hour Meter – A Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

Inductive Hour Meter

Wide Applications

The Inductive Hour Meter is perfect for various vehicles like marine, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, gas engines, and more. It helps track maintenance tasks like oil changes, valve adjustments, and clutch service.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze – simply peel and stick! No batteries or wiring needed. The waterproof design ensures durability in any environment.

Inductive Design

Connect the hour meter to your spark plug, fix it with screws or zip-ties, and it’s ready to go. It works on all gas engines and generators.


This digital hour meter counts every 6 minutes and can record up to 9,999.9 hours. With a standby time of over 20,000 hours, it’s reliable and efficient.


The meter is 100% epoxy encapsulated, making it waterproof and shock-resistant. It can withstand high temperatures and various conditions.

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Jaime Goldhand’s Opinion

As a sommelier with a taste for the finer things, I appreciate products that offer both functionality and durability. The Inductive Hour Meter aligns with my preference for precision and reliability in tools. Its easy installation and wide applicability make it a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts like myself.

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