Unleash Power and Precision with KIMO Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2″

Master your DIY projects with the KIMO Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2″, a lightweight powerhouse designed to tackle any task with ease.

KIMO Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2"

Unmatched Performance

The upgraded brushless motor delivers an impressive torque of up to 332 ft-lb, making your work more efficient and powerful.

Enhanced Flexibility

Adjust the variable speed trigger to set the perfect speed for your project, ranging from 0-3000 RPM, ensuring precision and control.

Ultimate Convenience

The built-in LED light illuminates dark spaces, while the extra-long standby battery ensures continuous use. The 1-hour fast charger saves time and keeps you working.

Versatile Applications

From automotive repairs to home projects, this impact wrench is a beast for any task. It comes with essential accessories, including impact sockets and a handy tool bag.

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In a Nutshell: KIMO Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2″

Personally, the KIMO Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2″ didn’t meet my expectations. I bought this tool to make tire removal easier, but unfortunately, it couldn’t handle unscrewing the lug nuts on a Ford Fusion. I am disappointed with the tool as it fell short of its intended purpose. The return time frame had elapsed by the time I attempted to use it, leaving me with an unsatisfactory experience.

Find the perfect fit with Prime Try Before You Buy

Find the perfect fit with Prime Try Before You Buy

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