Unleash Your Creativity with 99.9% Pure Copper Wire – Craft Wire for Artisans

Enhance your jewelry-making with the finest materials like the 6 Gauge, 99.9% Pure Copper Wire (Half Round) Dead Soft CDA #110. Crafted in the USA, this 1-foot length of high-quality copper wire is a must-have for artisans who value authenticity and quality in their creations.

Pure Copper Wire

Craft with Precision

Formed in a half-round shape, this 6-gauge copper wire boasts a dead softness that allows for easy manipulation and intricate designs. Its dimensions of .162″ x .081″ make it ideal for detailed jewelry pieces.

Unleash Your Imagination

Whether you’re creating delicate wire-wrapped pendants or intricate beadwork, this pure copper wire adds a touch of elegance to your designs. Its versatility and malleability make it a favorite among jewelry makers.

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Invest in your artistry with the 6 Gauge, 99.9% Pure Copper Wire and take your jewelry-making to the next level. Click below to purchase and start crafting exquisite pieces that reflect your creativity and passion.

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In a Crafting Oasis: Aisha Nassar’s View on 6 Gauge Pure Copper Wire

Building on my dedication to justice and equality, this pure copper wire embodies the essence of fair trade and high standards I strive to uphold. As a human rights activist, I appreciate products that align with my values, making this wire a standout choice for artisans who value authenticity in their craft. The 1-foot length of high-quality copper wire not only enhances jewelry-making but also symbolizes the precision and dedication I bring to my advocacy work. Its malleability reflects the adaptability and creativity necessary for both crafting exquisite pieces and fighting for social change. This product resonates with me both professionally and personally, serving as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and quality in every endeavor.

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