Upgrade Your TV Experience with Koqit ATSC Tuner Converter Box

Enhance your TV viewing with the Koqit ATSC Tuner Converter Box, a versatile device that brings digital conversion to your analog TV. Simply connect it to your UHF VHF Band terrestrial antenna to enjoy a range of features.

Koqit ATSC Tuner Converter Box


  • Auto Tuning for easy setup
  • Program guide for convenient scheduling
  • Recording PVR function with USB drive
  • Closed Caption for accessibility
  • Favorite Channel List for quick access
  • Parental Control for safe viewing
  • 24 Hour Time and LED Display

Get ready to receive Over-The-Air signals and enjoy crystal-clear broadcasts on your analog or digital TV. The Koqit ATSC Tuner Converter Box is your gateway to local channels and HD content.

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My Take:

As a tech-savvy individual who values quality, I appreciate the concept behind the Koqit ATSC Tuner Converter Box. However, my experience with this product has been less than satisfactory. While initially providing a good channel selection, the device failed to maintain functionality over time, leaving me frustrated with its performance limitations. For those seeking reliability, I recommend exploring established brands for a more consistent viewing experience.

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