Upgrade Your Workspace with the IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch!

Enhance your work-from-home setup with the IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch with Audio and Cables GCS1764. This versatile device allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple computers and devices, ensuring a smooth and productive workflow. The package includes everything you need for easy setup and operation.


Product Features:

– Device Type: KVMP Switch

– Form Factor: N/A

– Dimensions: 2.93″ x 10.25″ x 1.65″

– Weight: 6.7 Lb

Easy Setup and Reliable Performance:

The IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch is designed for convenience and efficiency. Switch between computers, monitors, and peripherals with ease, thanks to the intuitive controls and sturdy build quality. Whether you’re a work-from-home professional or a tech enthusiast, this device is a valuable addition to your setup.

Buyer Product Review:

“I have been using the IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch for some time now, and while it offers solid performance in most aspects, the USB speed limitation is a notable downside. For users who rely on USB 2.0 speeds, this product may fall short of expectations. However, the overall functionality and reliability of the switch make it a decent choice for basic switching needs.” – 4 Stars

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Rebecca Hart’s Perspective:

In my opinion, the IOGEAR 4-Port DVI KVMP Switch is a functional tool for managing multiple devices, but its USB speed limitation may hinder the user experience, especially for those who require faster data transfer rates. As an advocate for technology that enhances productivity, I believe that improvements in this aspect are crucial for a seamless workflow.

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