Transform Your Car’s Dashboard with the Auto Meter 5677 Elite Boost-Vacuum Gauge

Upgrade your driving experience with the Auto Meter 5677 Elite 2-1/16″ Boost-Vacuum Gauge. This gauge offers 7 user-selectable colors to match your visual preferences, ensuring visibility in any driving condition.

Auto Meter 5677 Elite Boost-Vacuum Gauge

Customizable Pro-Control Circuits

The built-in Pro-Control circuits allow you to program activation & deactivation points for key functions like lights, fans, switches, & pumps, giving you control over crucial vehicle systems.

Personalized Alerts and Data Logging

Set custom alert High and Low points specific to your vehicle and receive full dial warning notifications to keep you informed. The data logger 0-5V output provides essential information for ECU and data systems.

Peak Recall Functionality

Never miss a critical moment on the road with the one-touch Peak Recall feature, allowing you to review acquired data later.

Buy Now (Approx. $266)

Enhance your driving experience and stay ahead of the competition with the Auto Meter 5677 Elite Boost-Vacuum Gauge. Share your thoughts on this product in the comments below!

Just My Thoughts: Auto Meter 5677 Elite 2-1/16″ Boost-Vacuum Gauge

Growing up in a family of carpenters and now working as a construction worker, I deeply appreciate quality craftsmanship and functionality in tools and gadgets. The Auto Meter 5677 Elite Gauge aligns perfectly with my preference for durable and practical items. Its customizable Pro-Control circuits and personalized alerts cater to my need for precision and control in vehicle systems. The data logging feature adds a layer of sophistication that resonates with my attention to detail. As a car enthusiast and a fan of classic rock and muscle cars, this gauge complements my love for all things automotive. The product’s robust design and user-friendly interface make it a standout choice for individuals who value performance and reliability. In my eyes, the Auto Meter 5677 Elite Boost-Vacuum Gauge surpasses expectations and is a worthy addition to any gearhead’s collection.

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