Upgrade Your Golf Cart with the Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch – A Versatile Must-Have!

Enhance your golf cart experience with the Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch, a multipurpose accessory that adds functionality and convenience to your outings. Whether you need to tow a trailer, assist a friend in a sticky situation, or simply tackle your to-do list, this high-quality trailer hitch has you covered.

Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch

Quality Materials for Durability

The standard steel 2″ receiver of the Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch is black powder-coated for enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. The bolts-on design allows for easy installation, making it a hassle-free addition to your E-Z-GO TXT (1994.5-Up) golf cart.

Enhanced Hauling Capabilities

With a 150 lb. tow weight and 50 lb. tongue weight capacity, this trailer hitch enables you to haul a variety of items behind your golf cart. From camping gear to outdoor supplies, you can confidently transport everything you need for your adventures.

Complete Kit for Convenience

The Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch comes complete with a standard 2″ receiver, ball mount, hitch pin, hitch clip, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for easy assembly. Everything you need for a seamless installation process is included in this comprehensive kit.

Buy Now – Approx. $121

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Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch: An Outdoor Adventure Must-Have According to Gloria

Growing up in Colombia, I learned the value of quality materials and the importance of being prepared for any outdoor challenge. The Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch resonates with me as it embodies the spirit of exploration and readiness. My passion for salsa dancing and cooking feasts with my family aligns with the idea of outdoor adventures and the need for reliable equipment. This trailer hitch not only meets but exceeds my expectations for enhancing outdoor experiences. Sofia Vergara’s vibrant and adventurous personality inspires me to seek products that add value to my family’s adventures, making the Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch a must-have for any outdoor escapade.

Upgrade your outdoor adventures with the Madjax 01-038 Trailer Hitch and enjoy enhanced functionality on your excursions. Explore more possibilities with this versatile accessory!

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