Discover the Magic of Oral Care for Your Furry Friend with PEDIGREE DENTASTIX

PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Dental Care Treats

Keep Your Dog’s Smile Sparkling

Indulge your large furry companion with the PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Dental Care Treats Variety Pack. This 2.73 lb pack contains 51 treats in three delightful flavors to entice your pup’s palate.

With a triple-action formula that freshens breath, cleans teeth, and reduces plaque buildup, these dental chews are a daily essential for your dog’s oral hygiene. The unique X-shape design is crafted for adult large breed dogs over 30 lbs.

Irresistible Flavors

  • Original Flavor with real chicken
  • Fresh Mint Flavor
  • Beef Flavor

Ensure your dog’s dental health with a daily Dentastix treat. Approx. price: $24.

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Hermione’s Take:

As a devoted dog lover and book connoisseur, I find PEDIGREE DENTASTIX to be a magical solution for maintaining my furry friend’s dental health. Just like books offer endless wisdom, these dental treats provide a triple-action formula that ensures fresh breath and sparkling teeth. With a German Shepherd that adores these treats, I have peace of mind knowing that her dental hygiene is in good hands.

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